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The final version of our webdoc is online! Visit to learn more about the best practices in upcyling and creative recycling! 

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Anyone in the world

On 26th and 27th of February, EcoStep Youth Project TM6 hosted in Bordeaux, France. There, we talked about many things, what has happened and what is coming in the future. Our final deliverable, the Ecostep Youth webdoc is coming, transferring all the best practices we learned from! 

TM6 Photos


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Anyone in the world

Lynn Boylan MEP provided to the winning Irish team an all-expenses paid overnight trip to Brussels. Fortunately this was also the winning European team, so the trip became the European prize. Lynn Boylan MEP is active in the area of waste prevention and single use plastics issues and therefore a very appropriate ambassador for the project.

The team travelled to Brussels in November accompanied by Lynn Boylan MEP and staff to tour the Parliament buildings and meet with various NGOs as well as the Climate Action Network and some tourist spots in Brussels. The itinerary is provided . Overall the young people really enjoyed themselves. 

Tyre Team visiting European Parliament

Tyre Team visiting European Parliament

Tyre Team in Brussels

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Anyone in the world

TM5 Meeting 9th and 10th of November - Patras, Greece

On 9th and 10th of November, EcoStep Youth Project TM5 hosted in Patras, Greece. There, we discussed the activities of the partners for the project during the last few months and finalized our tasks as we're entered in the final part of the Project. Also, we planned the next steps of the project and scheduled the January 2019 events. It was fruitful meeting in the great collaborative atmosphere of POS Coworking Space, and also the consortium had some sightseeing tour in Patras!

TM Photos

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Anyone in the world

25th and 26th July 2018 - Bordeaux, France

Our 4th Transnational Meeting took place, from 25th to 26th of July, in Bordeaux - France, with our strategic partners. It was an extremely constructive meeting, in a creative atmosphere where all partners discussed, analyzed and finalized all the objectives (phases, content, dates etc) about the O3 -  Web Doc and O4 - Participatory Workshops. Moreover, the project consortium discussed about the prizes for the winning teams of the O2 - Design Contest.

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Anyone in the world

The Design Contest of EcoStep Youth project is over, and it's time to announce the winners! 

The winner of the Public Vote competition is "BrikBag" project-design of the Spanish team "Social Comunitari Art Center", with 110 votes. 

The concept behind the “BrikBag” project is the reuse of a material that deeply affects our environment, and one of the most commonly used for the sale of beverages: the milk brick. The Spanish team, in fact, had the idea to use this material considering their own daily consumption (of milk, soups, juices, etc.) and waste production. Once the material has been selected, the team experienced and tested different ways to separate the brick components. Inspired by vintage-style handbags like those used by doctors or even Mary Poppins, the team finally decided to create a suitcase out of milk bricks. The result achieved is a versatile and urban prototype. A level description: 

  • It has interior lined with fabric of old black curtain, with compartments to store small objects;
  • The handles are old electrical installation cables;
  • The tacks decorating the bag are office clips;
  • The logo has been made with scraps of EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) rubber and wire;
  • Coffee capsule filters have been used as bag holder for the background.

The winner of the European Contest, among the national winners, is the Irish team "Tire Chair Team" with the "TYRE BENCH" project. 

The Irish team focused the attention on bicycle tyres, as they are made of a complex material very difficult to recycle, causing serious environmental pollution for improper waste disposal. The item created out of bicycle tyres is a public bench, chosen by the team for a simple and practical reason: many members of the Irish team had personally experienced the lack of places to sit down while visiting parks and public spaces. The Tire Chair Team wanted to create a useful product that anyone of any age could use, with no limitations in spreading awareness around tyre waste. Description of the project: 

  • The bench is designed to comfortably sit in two people and is made of two main materials - plastic lumber for the frame and recycled bicycle tyres for the seat;
  • Plastic lumber is a strong and hard-wearing material, commonly used in outdoor furniture and is perfect for the design, and would further reinforce it as a sustainable and recycled product;
  • Rubber tyres are durable and sturdy, making it suitable for use in the design;
  • Its elastic properties make for a more comfortable seating experience as opposed to regular solid benches.

For more info about the Design Contest teams you can find here: 

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Anyone in the world

Our public voting have started today! 5 Countries, 12 Teams, 12 unique Eco - Designs! People have the opportunity to make a change by voting a unique design product, which made from recycled materials. So, it's voting time! 

You can vote at:

Anyone in the world

13th and 14th April 2018 - Dublin, Ireland

Our 3rd Transnational Meeting took place, from 13th to 14th of April, in Dublin. Ireland, with our strategic partners. It was an extremely constructive meeting, in a creative atmosphere where all partners discussed, analyzed and finalized all the objectives (phases, content, dates etc) about the O2 - Design Contest and O3 - Web Doc. Moreover, the project consortium discussed about the evaluation process of the project and also the preparation and the objectives of the O4 - Participatory Workshops.

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Anyone in the world

What could 22 young people, from five countries be doing for 7 days in Bordeaux? Well, we gathered for the EcoStep Youth project! 

Days of workshops and discussions made their way through the classroom of Atelier déco Solidaire. The great creative powers of the youth ambassadors, our attentiveness and the intercultural setting, resulted in our major works of art and the masterpiece (or so we wish to think!) Please do not judge us, they were made with real affection! 

A full week of working in a creative re-use center, a visit to the local food bank, Banque Alimentaire de Bordeaux et de la Gironde which is a large family, including among others 180+ volunteers (!), plus an acquaintance with Relais, a clothes selection center, were intriguing enough, for us reflect on topics of waste prevention and green development. Just as the mirror effect of Miroir d'eau!

Then more people joined our company, and while we were having fun, they were planning the next essential steps of this project. Design contests, a web-documentary and participatory activities are only some of them.

And while we are now sitting back, enjoying a glass of that excessive Chardonnay blanc, we bought there, and contemplating what we learnt, you stay tuned, there is a lot more coming by EcoStep Youth project

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Anyone in the world

The next meeting and the 1st Training Course will take place in Bordeaux, France from 30 October to 5 November.

In this training course, young people with artistic dedication and creativity, aged 18-28 can participate, having an interest in social economy & entrepreneurship as well as in green growth and recycling. 

More specifically, the target audience of the training course are:

  • Young people in academic, social or professional difficulty
  • reuse organisations / professionals / networks
  • supervisors within specialized institutions,
  • socio-educational leaders, social workers
  • local councils/communities – artisans, designers, artists.

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