Los Diablos – France

Disco Veilleuse

Disco Veilleuse Why did we choose the CD material ?

In 2018, we live in a world where information became more and more digitized. CDs and DVDs are less sold and often threw in the garbage. In a society where Netflix, Spotify and Deezer are kings, the CDs are just waste. In 2025, we think that this will be more a reality than never and the extinction of the use of CDs. Because of that and because of the plastic composition of CDs they will not be recycled well and often thrown in the garbage, as it is today. But to us, the CDs can be more. More useful, and poetic.


That’s why, with the support of wood, we chose to use CDs to embellish a night stand. Using the reflection of the light on the rainbow face of the CDs, we created a mosaic. This mosaic, when shined on by the light will reflect on the wall, creating a night light both beautiful and peaceful to sleep well. To be “not another night stand” we also chose to make our object without glue nor screw. Our object can be entirely assemble without any tools.