UEC – PNO – Spain

KidPark Project


Once the project was proposed, it started with a brainstorming session where the participants expressed their creativity and originality.

Among the ideas that emerged which most attention were:

  • A wooden bicycle (no)
  • A playground for children between 2-5 years (yes)


  1. The idea of a playground was only for the participants, for the same reason that the project was received with enthusiasm.
  2. The project ends up adapting to reality, due to its great magnitude in terms of size.
  3. The most used material has been the wood of the pallets, as well as the plastic in some structure as is the case of the slide.
  4. In Spain and in many other countries, pallets are often reused giving them a new life and use.


  • Idea 100% of the participants in the project.
  • Working group proud of the outcome of Kidpark.
  • The Kidpark will be donated to a day nursery in the area.
  • Therefore this EcoStep Youth has allowed us to create a useful project with the reuse of several materials.