Upcycling D’eco – Morocco

Presentation of the Design

  • Team : UPCYCLING D’Eco
  • Country : Maroc
  • Town : Casablanca
  • Type of activity : Arts & Design

Why opt for cardboard ?

Not always easy to find a furniture to make with cardboard. Sometimes, the idea just comes without thinking. But sometimes, we swing between several types. Some motives which could make you want to create your own cardboard furniture.

  • Cheap gear needed.
  • Infinity of shape is possible
  • It is YOUR realisation and that is priceless

Many attractive features :

Food for creativity, cardboard shows many advantages…

  • Ecological, it is recyclable and it needs very poor blank fibre
  • Economical, his price is very reasonable if we compare with other materials as wood, metal or even plastic.
  • Usefull and flexible, it is easy to stock flat and it allows many shape possibilities.
  • Light, easy to move (perfect for kids, for scenery)
  • Tough, more than we think ! His alveolar shape makes his performance better.

However, cardboard has limits. It doesn’t resist to fire and his worst adversary is named water. Treatments against fire which are ecological exist. They are sprayed on the cardboard during the aqueous state. It protects the material which stays recyclable. Finally, to waterproof it, a tiny silicone layer sould be sprayed on before assembly.

The manufacturing stages of both products

Manufacturing steps : Creating our own furniture is gratifying but we all don’t have savoir-fare or tools in woodworking. So cardboard is a good option. Without a lot of gear and recycling material within easy reach, make a cardboard table demands precision.

Zoom in on design and manufacture : the cardboard coffee table.

  1. Step 1 : Design of the table
  2. Step 2 : Cut and stick the cardboard
  3. Step 3 : Make legs of the cardboard coffee table
  4. Step 4 : Strengthen edges and vertex
  5. Step 5 : Put components together
  6. Step 6 : Finishing touches
  7. Step 7 : Cut the glass and put it up with the cardboard

Zoom in on design and manufacture : cardboard clock.

  1. Step 1 : Design the clock trough with Adobe Illustrator
  2. Step 2 : Stick the cardboard
  3. Step 3 : Cut it with the digital-control machine
  4. Step 4 : Finishing touches
  5. Step 5 : Put the motor
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