Ecostep Youth


On January 31st, on the occasion of the award ceremony for the Erasmus + project, ATELIER D’éco SOLIDAIRE  the scene of various activities … On the agenda : introductory graffiti workshop with the famous graffiti artist Kendo, test of the Webdocumentary produced as part of the project, creative participatory workshops open to the general public.

Event #1

On January 31st, on the occasion of the award ceremony for the Erasmus + project, ATELIER D’éco SOLIDAIRE  the scene of various activities … On the agenda : introductory graffiti workshop with the famous graffiti artist Kendo, test of the Webdocumentary produced as part of the project, creative participatory workshops open to the general public.

For the design competition, two teams were formed, “Los Diablos” and “The Creators”. Itep Saint Denis, the Montalier Rehabilitation Center, the local mission (youth employment agency) and volunteers in civic services have joined in this mission. They were well inspired, considering the result of their collective efforts:

  • Los Diablos distinguished itself by the realization of a night light / night table, created from reused wood and decorated with mosaics of CD and DVD.
  • The Creators attracted attention with its shelf incorporating terrariums in beer barrels.

As the lucky winning team, each member of “The Creators” was able to receive a bike as a national prize! Everyone took care to specify their wish: bike cross, city bike, mountain bike

This awards ceremony was held in a good mood, at the beginning of the afternoon, just after the meal during which everyone ended up sharing their culinary specialty.

To reward all participants in the project, a one-day graffiti initiation workshop was offered to them with the Kendo graffiti artist. Based in Bordeaux, Kendo is an artist who has been developing an urban graphic language with cosmic accents for over twenty years thanks to his numerous travels and his observation of the universe. This day of initiation was an opportunity to share and transmit its creative sensitivity to an audience of young people in difficulty. Art becomes a means of expression and self-worth all the more important for these young people in search of confidence.

The first part of the theoretical workshop allowed young people to attend an inspirational session through the history of graffiti.  After lunch break and the bikes were awarded to The Creators, the second part of the workshop began: practice! All were able to illustrate their style: between volcanic and solar universe, Triforce and a man with mustache.  Every aspiring graffiti artist could leave with his creation and wonderful memories.

Creative Workshop: Wall Decorations

The 2nd participatory workshop took place silmutaneously, it was open to the general public on the theme of wall decorations. The participants were able to discover the basics of macrame, origami, combining it with lycra, pearls, feathers, and other charms to make pretty original wall suspensions … made of recycled materials of course!

Throughout the day, volunteers followed one another to test the Webdocumentary – the result of the team work of the five project partners – to submit criticism in order to improve it. The project is coming to an end – just like the story of this day – and it is with emotion that we saw the young people of EcoStepYouth leave and head towards new horizons…

A positive pause for reflection before embarking on the next European project!


Event #1

Al Ikram’s first dissemination workshop was organized during the Final of the Design contest, on the 19th of June 2018.

Participants were mainly local stakeholders, local authorities, and NGOs. .

A total of 20 persons attended including the Governor of Ben Msik, Madam Benchouikh, the local representant of His Majesty Mohamed VI. 

Event #2

In order to present the webdoc and to sensitize more young students, Al Ikram has organized a workshop about Design and Upcycling to students at Art’Com, a high school in Communication and design, on the 7th of February 2019.

Program of the workshop:

– Presentation of the process of Ressourc’In/ recycling and creative workshops

– Presentation of our Sensitization toolkit about collection and waste sorting

– Presentation of the webdoc: we have watched some interviews, have looked at the visual glossary.


30 people attended this workshop. 

Students are rather conscious about waste management issues. They are working on solutions during their study. 

About the webdoc:

– It has been presented in French as all their studies are in French

– The visual glossary is really appreciated 

– Students said they could look at the webdoc when doing some research and to get some ideas on design and upcycling. 


EcoStep Youth: From Creative Recycling to Entrepreneurship vol.1

The first event took place on June 27th in the POS4Work coworking space, in Patras. The purpose of this event was to inform the participants about the project‘s actions, the results as well as to present the Greek team which participated in the project’s design contest.

Finally, this event compined creative recycling with entrepreneurship, so social companies which deals with the creative recycling sector have presented their actions to the participants.

EcoStep Youth: From Creative Recycling to Entrepreneurship vol.2

The second multiplier event was held on February 21st in the collaborative POS.

The purpose of the event was to inform the participants about the actions of the project as well as to present the final deliverable, the Web Doc.


Also, the participants had the opportunity to discuss with the representatives of the Coffeco and Liofyllo, social companies which based in Patras, and are active in the field of “Green Economy” and creative recycling.

Finally, the event had a small workshop where the participants had the opportunity to create their own desings with small recyclable materials in order to understand the purpose of creative recycling and to discover a new way to express themselves creatively.


Event #1

CRNI’s first dissemination workshop was an ECOStep Design Expo at the Rediscovery Centre on the 19th June.

Invitations were widely distributed to key stakeholders and via social media. The event involved a design expo as well as a number of free workshops with the Rediscovery Centre (making items from salvaged wood, making keyrings from melted crisp packets) and ReCreate (creative reuse). The design entries were also on display and free food and drinks were provided. 

A total of 35 persons attended including Lynn Boylan MEP who provided the prize for the winning entry of a trip to Brussels for the whole team (all expenses paid).

Event #2

To celebrate the end of the Eco-Step Youth project in Ireland, ReCreate hosted a free ‘introduction to design thinking workshop’. Participants were invited to come along and learn the basic concept of design and have an opportunity to try it out using ReCreate materials. The event poster is included below.

Invitations were distributed to key stakeholders including the youth group involved in the project, members of ReCreate, key policy makers and agencies, the Chartered Institute of Waste Management, and others as well being advertised via social media. In total over 15 people registered and 9 people attended. 

The workshop involved going through design thinking principles and actually building a prototype using secondary materials from the ReCreate workshop. The ECOStep webdoc was demonstrated to participants and feedback forms were distributed for completion.